Crystals for Car Safety

Crystals for Car Safety

From the rush of roads to traffic, the negative energy can come from a variety of places when you are traveling in a vehicle. And just like at home or in the office, the car also needs energy protection! Just as you would use the crystals at home or at the office to protect the energy, you can use the crystals in your car to protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle when you’re on the move. To make it easier, we investigate the right steps and the crystals we have in your car to protect you from all sources of negativity. And when it’s the first time you feel the protection of your car, the Crystal kit to protect the car has everything you need to ensure energy security in your way of Transportation.

Before we get to the crystals, to keep them in your car, as with any beautiful restyling, the first step is to clean the whole car from the inside. To free these rooms from additional clothes and pieces will provide a clean panel for the beginning of the crystals for the protection of the car. As soon as you work with a clean room, it’s time to thoroughly clean your vehicle with burning sage and the sounds of OM singing. Make sure you have the inside and outside of your vehicle so it’s clean.

After completion and before starting the engine, hold the car protection crystals with both hands and say aloud: “I am protected. My machine is secure. Everyone in my car is always protected. Every day, a white light shield surrounds my car to protect and protect it. “Now it’s time to place the crystals to safely drive in the car, in the right places to get the desired additional energy protection layer.

Placement of the crystals to protect the car:

  1. The black tormalin under the driver’s seat to protect him. Black tourmaline protects and protects your car and whoever it is from unwanted energy.
  2. For cleaning, selenite should be placed under the passenger seat. Selenite cleans and cleans your car’s energy to make it vibrate at the highest level.
  3. Place Clear Quartz in the central console to create a shield of white light. Clear Quartz is a white light shield that keeps the positive energy around your car.
  4. Place the Amethyst in the glove compartment to increase safety. The Amethyst is known for promoting safe travel and helping your car operate smoothly.

Every three months, Gem Time encourages you to collect, clean and put the car’s protection crystals into the vehicle to keep the shield.


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